Podcast Episodes

Episode 103: Pete Leavitt

Meet Pete Leavitt

This week Tanner sits down to a lively conversation with the ever-mirthful Pete Leavitt – owner and hands-on operator at Leavitt and Sons Delis in Falmouth and Portland’s East Bayside neighborhood.

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Episode 102: Shaaron Hendry

Meet Shaaron Hendry

A near-fifteen-year resident of South Portland, a world traveler, a star Pizzelle cookie maker, and a compassionate end-of-life caregiver. Join me for a relaxed and charming chat with this amazing and charming woman.

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Episode 101: Brant Dadaleares

Meet Brant Dadaleares

Longtime Mainer and the Chef and Restaurateur behind Gross Confection Bar, a new Dessert-only Restaurant opening this December in Portland, Maine. Join me for a candid conversation with Brant and a look into the man’s life. Learn what he’s overcome to get where he is today and discover his character for yourself.

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