Meet Shaaron Hendry

A near-fifteen-year resident of South Portland, a world traveler, a star Pizzelle cookie maker, and a compassionate end-of-life caregiver. Join me for a relaxed and charming chat with this amazing and charming woman.

Shaaron was born in Niagra Falls, New York in the 1950s and is one of seven children. Her father and mother were both Chiropractors who practiced out of the home. The family first laid roots down in Niagra when Shaaron’s grandfather, it will please, I assume all of you to know, pulled the son of an infamous 1920s Italian fascist off a horse because he tried to bully him. Of course, after doing something like that it is best for one to pack ones things and get the heck out of town. That’s a story the Patrons will get to hear, and it’s a good one. 

Shaaron’s childhood seems like an idyllic small-town childhood – with parades, neighborhood popcorn peddlers, the raw beauty of mid-century Upstate New York, and the warm comradery of a (mostly) Italian neighborhood. To hear Shaaron tell it, she really did have a wonderful upbringing. 

When she was old enough, she moved off to California and married a Norwegian man before starting a life of travel and career.

But this episode isn’t REALLY about all that stuff, although that stuff really does make up most of this week’s episode, this episode really about the first story Shaaron ever told me – a story about a rock named Bruce and how he (it’s a he, she says) had a funny way of bringing her right back to where she found him.

My chat with Shaaron was relaxed and casual, but quite lengthy – nearly two hours – and there was a lot I couldn’t fit into the episode. If you’re interested in listening to more of Shaaron’s stories, consider becoming a Patron. You’ll get access to extra content every week, sure, but you’ll also get a cool sticker and a great Portland Speaks t-shirt (in your second and third months respectively). Supporting us prevents us from having to take on sponsors or place ads in the show so, be a Mainer and support a “Maine made” production; it’s just $5 a month.

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