Episode 101: Brant Dadaleares

Meet Brant Dadaleares

Longtime Mainer and the Chef and Restaurateur behind Gross Confection Bar, a new Dessert-only Restaurant opening this December in Portland, Maine. Join me for a candid conversation with Brant and a look into the man’s life. Learn what he’s overcome to get where he is today and discover his character for yourself.

What to expect in this episode

Brant Dadaleares was born in Connecticut but has been a Mainer for nearly his entire life. He’s had some thrills, some close calls, and some really bad days but with him through it all has been his greatest love: food. In this interview you’ll learn about Brant’s childhood and the people in it, like his Grandmother LuLu, his mother and step-father, and a few mentors that introduced him to the culinary world he fell in love with as a teenager. 

You’ll also get a look at the timeline of Brant’s life, how he went from Connecticut to Maine and from Maine to California and back again. You’ll learn about all the things that conspired to shape the man he is today: his travels, troubles, love of music and singing, and a handful of caring relationships which helped to guide him when he needed guidance the most; it’s all here in this 29-minute episode. 

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Links and Notes

Learn more about Gross Confection Bar: http://grossconfectionbar.com/
Find Gross on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/grossconfectionbar
Follow Gross on Instagram: https://instagram.com/grossconfectionbar
Follow Brant on Instagram: https://instagram.com/grossaleares

Sam Hayward: https://www.finecooking.com/chef/sam-hayward 
Frank Gross: https://goo.gl/Z9WB3j 
New England Culinary Institute: https://www.neci.edu/ 

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3 comments on Episode 101: Brant Dadaleares

  1. Chris Whitney says:

    Brant has been a long time friend of mine, I couldn’t be more proud of him and what he’s accomplished over the last 5 years. Greg and Erik have played a huge role in Gross along with some others, but those two guys deserve a high five. This was an awesome interview Tanner, well done. Hammer it Queens!!!!!!

  2. Terri says:

    I’ve known Brant since I moved to Maine and I’m so proud of his accomplishments.
    Your interview with Brant was awesome. I look forward to hearing more of your podcasts.

  3. Dede Perkins says:

    So very proud and happy for you, Brant. This was a terrific podcast, looking forward to the next one…and for Gross to open in December!

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