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Episode 106: Kyle Lamont

Meet Kyle Lamont Tanner travels downeast to Sullivan to talk with road-tripping music journalist and host of Concert Cast the Podcast, Kyle Lamont.

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Episode 105: Samantha Seebode

Meet Samantha Seebode Last episode of the year and I’m sitting down with local entrepreneur Samantha Seebode, owner of Sugar Supply Co. and maker of many delicious things. We...

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Episode 104: Fred Greenhalgh

Meet Fred Greenhalgh We’ve switched to a Monday morning release schedule, as you may have noticed. Better to do this early on than later – now you’ve got something...

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Episode 103: Pete Leavitt

Meet Pete Leavitt This week Tanner sits down to a lively conversation with the ever-mirthful Pete Leavitt – owner and hands-on operator at Leavitt and Sons Delis in Falmouth...

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Episode 102: Shaaron Hendry

Meet Shaaron Hendry A near-fifteen-year resident of South Portland, a world traveler, a star Pizzelle cookie maker, and a compassionate end-of-life caregiver. Join me for a relaxed and charming...

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Episode 101: Brant Dadaleares

Meet Brant Dadaleares Longtime Mainer and the Chef and Restaurateur behind Gross Confection Bar, a new Dessert-only Restaurant opening this December in Portland, Maine. Join me for a candid...

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Production Team

Tanner Campbell

Producer and Host

Tanner has been producing, writing for, and hosting podcasts since 2011 and is the owner of the Portland Pod. Desiring to present stories in the most authentic and impactful way possible, Tanner’s passion lies in affecting change through helping others to gain understanding so that they may be less able dehumanize others.

Nico Vettese


Nico has been working with Satyr Productions, the studio which became the Portland Pod when the team relocated from Florida, since 2015 and serves in the capacity of Resident Composer. He writes and preforms all the jazzy chillhop featured in the program unless otherwise noted in an episode’s show notes.

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